Under President Obama’s leadership, America:

  • Is the Number One Wind Power producing Country in the World
  • Is creating more jobs than at any other time since 1999
  • Reduced unemployment to levels before the financial crisis
  • Has become the Worlds number One producer of Oil and Gas
  • Has cut its budget deficit by 2/3rds since coming into office
  • Increased the U.S. Auto Industry jobs by 500,000 in the last 5 years
  • Is opening more factories today than in the last two decades
  • Doubled our production of clean energy since 2009
  • Ensured that Iran has not made advancements in their nuclear program since we started negotiations with Iran
  • Put to death Osama bin Ladin who was the architecht of the September 11 attacks

My question is this, why do the Republicans report all this doom and gloom when our nation and our economy are doing so well?